Our Story


Many years ago, the Clans were destroyed by a terrible quake. Cats fled in numerous directions and many were killed. The ones that escaped bred with kittypets, loners and rogues. They felt that none of their Clan mates had survived and they convinced themselves to move on. Others tried to find their lost Clan mates, which ended in failure. A few tried to keep the memory of the Clan alive as long as they lived. Though, eventually, they each succumbed to their own demise. The eldest cat, Burnedstar, was visited by a StarClan cat; the ancestors that the Clans worshiped. He had lived his entire life in solitude since the destruction of the Clan. This StarClan cat warned him that, when he passed away, the Clans would end. They informed that, as his final duty as a leader, he had to assemble all the cats that shared the traits of the Clan cats and recreate the Clans.

 There was only one problem with that - Burnedstar was old. He did not have the strength of a younger cat nor the tenacity of one. He would not make it if he tried. The StarClan cat refused to be deterred. They granted him enough strength to be able to reform the Clans and establish a territory. Left with no other choice, the tom headed towards Kittypet Place. At first, he did not have much luck. Other cats refused to talk to him and gave him strange looks when he mentioned the Clans. They thought that he was just a rambling old cat that had gone insane. It was not long before no cat desired to speak with him. He had been about to give up, until he saw a pregnant queen fighting against a huge dog. Without hesitation, Burnedstar leaped on top of the massive canine. It was a bloody fight, but the dog eventually tore away as other cats rushed to help.

His act finally managed to turn his luck around. The other cats wanted to know how he'd learned to fight like that and he eventually told them. He explained everything about Clan life... and about how the forest was destroyed. He told them of his mission, which helped the word begin to spread around. Then, a few days after saving the queen, the same female came to him. She informed him of her own heritage and that she frequently had dreams about the forest. Upon closer inspection, he realized that she had the traits of a RiverClan cat. Her sleek fur was a prime indicator.

Word soon got around that ShadowClan may already have cats assembled. Burnedstar went to inspect them and they most certainly had. But they lacked the skills of a Warrior. After that, even more cats assembled claiming to be Clan cats. Some of them weren't, but Burnedstar decided to let them join anyhow. He felt that they could prove their loyalty to the Clans. By the time he had finished, the Clans looked much more like he felt they ought to be. But they were still unfit and, with the size of their Clans, they needed to get to a new territory. Burnedstar knew that they wouldn't stand a chance moving all these unfit cats to a new home. Then one cat suggested something that Burnedstar had never even thought of...

To return to the Lake Territory. It sounded like a terrible idea, but it was the only option that they had. He had not even seen the destruction of the Territories. He could not bare to see his old home in such a state. Thus, he took them in the direction of the old Territory. It had most certainly changed from the earthquake. The forest was much less dense, the lake had reseeded and, what were once streams, had become small rivers. The once muddy ShadowClan forest had become a marshland. The moorlands had become much less hilly. The biggest change, had to be a new area in the Territory. A place of high rocks with numerous trees. Some of the kittypets, loners and rogues, wanted to form a new Clan in that Territory.

Burnedstar refused to let them do such a thing. They needed to establish the four existing Clans before establishing a new one. Many were upset by this and a few sneaked away when night fell. The following morning, Burnedstar started to teach them the ways of the Warrior. He taught them all he knew about the Clans, how to fight and how to hunt. He taught them, in further detail, the importance of their Warrior ancestors. He showed them the Moonpool and the Island. He showed them where they should reestablish their borders. His Journey was at its end. As the Clans parted to rebuild, Burnedstar's strength started to drain. The pregnant queen, Crystal, stayed with him as he took his last breath.