General Rules


  • Treat other members with the proper respect. If you are seen bullying another member then your account will be removed without question.

  • No stealing of another member's artwork. You may only use artwork that you paid for or created yourself. Gift art is an exception.

  • No stealing of the graphics or artwork found on this site. The staff worked hard in order to create them.

  • Please do not flag another person's account. If you have an issue, then please report it to the site's owner. If you have been flagged, then clear out your browser's history and make a new account. It is advised that you pick another name for your account and only let your friends know whom you are.

  • No inappropriate content allowed on profiles. Such accounts will be removed without question. If you noticed someone that has inappropriate content on their profile, then please report it immediately.

  • Do not make full-scale plots that effect the site without permission. High ranks are included in this rule. Large plots may not take place without the site owner present.

  • No hacking or password guessing. The only exception to this rule is if someone is trying to help another person with their profile.

  • No impersonating another person and no copying of another person's character. You may have similar backstories for your characters or similar names, but do not copy the character word for word.

  • Do not attempt to rebel against the staff. If you have an issue, please handle it maturely by informing the owner. 
  • The word of staff is law. Staff are expected to handle issues impartially and are not allowed to take sides.


High Rank Rules


  • High ranks are usually chosen by activity, friendliness and overall being sociable. You cannot gain a high rank by just roleplaying.

  • High ranks must be literate roleplayers. No one liners or small paragraphs. The occasional small paragraph is fine, but it may not become a norm.

  • Begging for a high rank is heavily frowned upon and will decrease your potential for getting a rank. Asking for a high rank falls under the same category.

  • High ranks are expected to get online for at least sixty minutes each day. This is especially essential for leaders and deputies.

  • * To increase your potential of getting a rank, try to make friends with the current high ranks. This does not guarantee a rank, but it may improve your chances.

  • High ranks are expected to enforce the rules if a staff member is not present.


Staff Rules

  •  Do not make changes to the entire site without permission. Small edits is fine, but do not edit the entire site.

  • Staff must check in with the owner once per week.

  • Do not publish the site without the confirmation of the owner.